Who we are

SPA Studio Penalisti Associati (Associated Crime Lawyers) began in 2010 as a boutique law firm, specialized in white collar crime law.

The partners of our firm have all worked extensively within medium to large business firms, as well as international ones, in a wide range of professional situations. This experience has honed our ability to act as an interface for other professionals, as well as our skills in handling and coordinating complex cases, involving legal procedures or not.

Our core belief is that large law firms, employing an impersonal array of legal staff specializing in many fields, offer limited future to a so called white collar crime lawyer. In our opinion, this requires to be independent, to possess a high level of professional specialization, as well as a strong capacity to work as a team.

On one hand, this ensures our ability to satisfy individuals, thanks to a hand tailored service, and on the other, our ability to respond to the requirements of companies and legal entities which must comply with unavoidable legal and organizational requirements.